Mileage, Mileage, Mileage

My training hasn’t been too eventful lately. I’ve just been trying to put in a decent (for me) amount of mileage on a consistent basis. Despite taking a few more rest days in August than I had planned, I set a personal record for most miles run in a month. Luckily, I’ve been able to increase my mileage without getting any injuries or major aches and pains that have impacted my training.

Although my recent training has been pretty uneventful, it has been going well. I’ve been focusing mostly on getting in as much mileage as I can without overdoing it or risking injury. There are about four weeks left until the next race on my schedule – the Brooksie Way half marathon – and I want to have a good mileage base going into it so I can run at a consistent pace through the first half of the race, have plenty of energy left for the hilly second half of the course, and (I hope) pick up my pace over the last couple of miles which are downhill. I plan to continue putting in a decent amount of mileage while paying attention to any aches or pains I feel along the way. I’m pretty comfortable with my mileage base at this point, and I want to do my best to avoid any injuries or lingering aches and pains as the race gets closer. I’ve felt some pain in one of my arches on and off over the last six weeks or so, but it hasn’t kept me from running much – I’m usually able to keep going and the pain eventually goes away. Unless the pain gets worse or more frequent, I don’t think it’ll affect me during the race.

We went for a 10-mile run today, some of which was along the hilly part of the Brooksie Way course. It went well, but my legs were tired and I didn’t try to push the pace. I had some occasional arch pain during the run, but fortunately it went away afterward. I was happy to get in a fairly consistent 10 miles, and I hope running those hills on tired legs helps me get used to how it’ll probably feel during the second half of the Brooksie Way.

On another note, it was great meeting running blogger extraordinaire Megan O. at the Jack’s Mannequin and Guster concert last week! In addition to being a very dedicated runner with a great blog and excellent taste in music, Megan is every bit as nice in person as she is on her blog and Twitter. I’m a big Jack’s Mannequin fan, and as they were playing I remembered how their music was pretty prominent in my iPod playlists when I first started running consistently a few years ago. Certain songs made me think of running outside at the end of summer, while others reminded me of struggling through miles on the indoor track in the winter. It was a fun concert, and it’s very cool when different worlds (music, running, blogging, Twitter, etc.) converge.

I hope you’ve had a great and relaxing holiday weekend! Our weekend has been very nice and laid back – we went to the gym, ran, spent some time with family, and tried to catch up a little bit on our massive DVR backlog.

If you feel aches and pains while running or exercising, do you stop right away or do you keep going for a while to see if they go away or get worse?

How did your workouts go this weekend?

Did you do anything special for the long weekend/unofficial end of summer?

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