Keeping Pace

My Brooksie Way training has been going pretty well recently; I’ve been keeping up with it and have managed to hit my weekly mileage targets for the last several weeks. Although I’ve been able to stay caught up with my running, I’ve been thinking about how difficult it can sometimes be to keep up in general – not only with running or other forms of exercise, but with the many aspects of life in general.

I finished grad school last month as part of a career transition and am looking for an accounting or finance job. I feel like I’ve been keeping up with my job hunt, but no matter how much searching I do, it seems like it’s never quite enough. On one hand, running can be a welcome and relaxing break from looking for jobs and writing cover letters, but on the other hand I sometimes feel a little guilty when I’m out running or doing other things because I’m not spending that time searching for a job.

OU Sunset

I might not miss grad school (yet), but I miss seeing sunsets like this framed by the campus.

Another aspect of life with which I struggle to keep up is staying in touch with friends and extended family members. I feel very fortunate that I have great friends and family, and even if some of us don’t keep in touch regularly or get together very often, it usually feels like we never missed a beat when we do catch up. I was very glad to see one of my best friends from college last weekend; we hadn’t seen in each other in more than seven years even though we haven’t lived more than a few hours apart during that time. It seemed like we had only just seen each other a few months ago, and I really value friendships that can pick right up wherever they left off. The downside is that it seems like there’s never enough time to truly get caught up with everything that has gone on in the meantime. I’ll be attending a cousin’s wedding soon and will see many relatives I only see once or twice a decade (pretty much whenever there’s a family wedding or funeral). Although we don’t see each other very often, I have no doubt we’ll pick up where we all left off the last time we got together regardless of whether it has been six months or six years.


Skunking it up with friends at a cider mill last weekend.

Oh yeah, keeping up with blog posts is another thing that’s pretty high on that list…

Just like I sometimes get behind my target pace on difficult runs and have trouble catching back up, I often feel like I have plenty of catching up to do in other aspects of life. As society gets more technologically advanced and life gets busier in general, it seems like it can be tougher and tougher to juggle everything. To use running analogies, I think I just need to keep a steady pace, do the best I can at any given time to catch up, and accept that I probably won’t hit my target pace on every run.

What important things in your life (running or otherwise) do you feel you sometimes fall behind on when life gets busy?

How do you stay caught up on everything as life gets busier (or get caught up if you fall behind)?

How do you keep yourself on track with running or other forms of exercise when things get busy and free time is at a premium?

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2 Responses to Keeping Pace

  1. Alexis says:

    I love this blog post because I can surely relate to it. Having time to do everything you want to do is usually impossible, so you have to prioritize and delegate. I try to put running (or any exercise), studying for the GMAT/GRE, work and family life as forerunners. But sometimes things get crazy and I don’t have time for everything. I try to combat that by multitasking. For instance, I eat my lunch at my desk and take my actual break to go running or even just for a long walk. That way when I get home, I don’t have to worry about it (I am not a fan of running before work- too early for me to get up!), and can focus on spending quality time at home and squeezing in some studying.
    I think it’s important to note that setting goals is a good thing, but making yourself feel guilty if you don’t meet every single one is quite another. Set reasonable goals, but give yourself breathing room. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything in one day and that’s okay!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks, Alexis! Multitasking when possible is a great idea, especially when you have plenty of other things to do after work. I hope your GMAt/GRE studying is going well!

      Excellent advice to build in some breathing room when setting goals. Sometimes it’s easier said than done when we’re really focusing on certain goals, but I agree it’s important to remember that it’s OK if we can’t always fit everything in on a given day.

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