Seven Random Facts

Although I’ve been called “random” many times in my life, I’ve tried to keep my blog posts mostly related to running. However, Becki from The Middle Miles recently tagged me to write a post with seven random facts about myself, so here goes my attempt to add a little randomness here…

1. I ran one year of cross country (freshman year) and one year of track (senior year) in high school. I sucked at cross country (I finished last at the regional meet – way to go, me!) and was average at track. I also played baseball and football for a couple of years each. I was an average baseball player and sucked didn’t get a lot of playing time in football. I played a lot of pickup basketball throughout high school and my first couple years of college, and I was probably better at basketball than at any other sport I played back then. As far as running goes, I guess I just didn’t have a true passion for it in those days otherwise cross country or track probably would’ve been my best sport by the time I was a junior or senior. I transferred to a bigger high school after my freshman year; if I had run for the bigger school’s cross country coach for a couple of years, I’m sure I would’ve learned a lot more about training and maybe developed a passion for running much sooner than I eventually did. If I had the commitment back then to train, learn, and improve like I do now, I’m sure I would’ve been a much better runner. But that’s all in the past, and I’m just happy I finally developed a real passion for running – it has helped me tremendously over the past few years!

I was a terrible cross country runner.

2. I like to take photos – mostly of concerts and sports, but also of other things I think are neat. I post a lot of them on my photo site, though I haven’t updated it much lately because I haven’t taken very many photos in the last few months. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tom Drummond of Better Than Ezra in Detroit, MI (2007).

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees in Grand Rapids, MI (2010).

Spoonbridge and Cherry in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (2008).

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO (2006).

Grand Valley State University football (2009).

Grand Valley State University football (2007).

3. Like Becki, I’m obsessed with cereal. I’ll eat it dry or with milk, and for any meal or snack throughout the day. I can plow through (at least) half a box as a snack if I’m eating it dry…I have no problem controlling my portions with most other foods, but cereal is a different beast for me. I also have a very sweet tooth and probably won’t ever give up candy unless it’s under a doctor’s order, although I would definitely get a second opinion if I was ever told to give up candy.

4. I like watching some TV shows that many people might say have little or no redeeming value. I don’t watch The Bachelor, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or Jersey Shore – I usually rely on The Soup to show me the most ridiculous/hilarious/pathetic moments from those shows. But I could sit through a Judge Judy marathon, a couple dozen episodes of Cops, a day full of Beavis and Butt-Head, some Hardcore Pawn and Storage Wars, and a season of Ice Road Truckers with no problem. Just bring me a few boxes of cereal and some candy to snack on while I’m watching those awesome shows. Oh, I do like some other TV shows that may actually promote brain activity, but those aren’t quite as entertaining to watch or discuss. I’d ask you to please not judge me, but it’s probably too late. :/

5. I’ve spent way too much time in school, and it took me a very long time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I changed my major a few times as an undergrad, finally settling on English. While working as a scientific writer, I took advantage of a program that created scholarships for students to get training in certain in-demand fields and got a computer programming degree from the local community college. After working in IT for several years, I went to grad school and now have an MBA and a recently-completed Master of Accounting. I’m currently looking for an accounting or finance job in the Detroit area…

6. I’m a big music fan and have been to a lot of concerts. I certainly haven’t been to as many as some people, but I think I’ve been to at least 250-300 over the years. A lot of those were local or lesser-known bands playing at small venues, which I think are often very fun shows and cost much less than arena shows. This has been a very slow concert year for us; I think we’ve only been to about 20 so far in 2011.

7. I’m a big sports fan and have been to a lot of sporting events. I tried to pick a favorite, and it was a tough call between the Florida State-Notre Dame football game in 1993 and the Detroit Tigers’ American League Championship Series-clinching victory over the Oakland Athletics in 2006. Both games were great and while the atmosphere at the Florida State-Notre Dame game was amazing, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the last couple of innings of the Tigers’ win over Oakland that sent them to the 2006 World Series or the atmosphere in and around Comerica Park surrounding that game. Wow. It seemed like the city magically came together (for a little while, at least) thanks to the Tigers and Magglio Ordonez’s walk-off home run. I got a few photos of Magglio’s home run – they aren’t great, but I like how Magglio’s just standing still watching the ball in the second photo and I also like the reactions of the fans in the background of the third photo after they realized it was a home run.

Magglio Ordonez's walk-off home run to clinch the 2006 ALCS.

Magglio Ordonez knows it's looooooooong gone!

The crowd realizes it's a home run and that the Tigers are going to the World Series.

Well…those are seven random facts about me. I haven’t been a world traveler, gone out on the road touring with a band, backpacked through awesome faraway locations, or done anything else that would result in outrageous jaw-dropping stories. But if I remember something random that I think is cool or interesting and that I forgot to include in this post, I’ll mention it in a future post.

Feel free to share a random fact (or two) about yourself – it doesn’t have to be running related!

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6 Responses to Seven Random Facts

  1. Becki says:

    Wow, those pictures are awesome. You’re an incredible photographer!

  2. Mrs. Weber says:

    I loved learning more about you, Matt. I love your photos and the fact that this is a slow concert year with 20 concerts. That’s a ton in my book! You are one cool dude :)

    • Matt says:

      Thank you, Lauren! :) I’m glad that you loved the post and the photos. Sometimes I miss “the old days” when we’d go to see local bands here or on the west side of the state almost every weekend, but it’s also nice to spend more weekends around here and save money (and miles on our cars) now.

  3. Ali Mc says:

    great facts! love the photography….you should theoretically have more pics on your blog now that you’ve outted yourself ;) lol

    I love the young photo!! cute

    • Matt says:

      Thanks, Ali! I’m glad you like the young photo – with every passing year, I become a little more tolerant of photos from that era, haha.

      I know I should post more photos on here…I have a huge backlog of photos from the past few years, but not too many that have something to do with running. I’ve been trying to remember to get more running-related photos recently. :)

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