Upside Down

My legs have been a little sore since running the Iron Turkey races last weekend. It’s nothing major, but I’ve had some lingering tightness in one of my quads and a little soreness in my hamstrings. They didn’t hurt when I ran today, but I’ve felt the tightness or soreness every other day this week so I’ve backed off my mileage a little bit. We’re running a 10K this weekend and I hope to set a PR in that race, so I’ve been trying to get in a decent amount of mileage without doing anything to aggravate my quad and hamstrings. My best run of the week has been a nice speed workout that included some 1000m repeats, 800m repeats, and hill repeats. It was very tiring, but also very satisfying and definitely a workout that’ll help me improve!

I’m looking forward to racing again this weekend. I like the 10K distance because it’s far enough that it requires some pacing strategy (i.e., controlled pacing rather than just running as fast as I can for the first mile and two and then hoping to finish standing up under my own power), but short enough that it also requires some speed and sustained pacing. I think it’s a great middle ground between the 5K and the half marathon distances. I’d like to run a 15K and/or 10-mile race next year for the same reason, as those distances aren’t quite as long as a half marathon yet they require stamina, speed, and pacing. I learn a lot every time I race, no matter what the distance, and 10Ks are certainly no exception! I really think I’m capable of setting a PR in this race, and my 5K PR last weekend boosted my confidence. I admit that I’ll probably be pretty disappointed if I don’t PR this weekend – I just have to run intelligently while pushing myself throughout the race. I’ve been debating whether to wear my Brooks Green Silence or Brooks PureFlow for the race. Right now I’m leaning toward trying the PureFlow – it’d be my first time wearing them in a race – but I might change my mind (a few times) between now and Saturday morning.

The picture below is what inspired this post’s title. It’s a pretty neat shirt aside from a minor printing mistake. My wife’s shirt looks fine, so maybe mine is just an exception…

Maybe they just wanted to make it easier for me to read the logo when I look down while I'm wearing the shirt.

Have a great weekend!

Are you racing this weekend? If so, at what distance?

Do you keep running or training like normal through tightness and soreness, or do you reduce your mileage or take days off from running?

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2 Responses to Upside Down

  1. I’ll be running the Lil Rhody Runaround in Rhode Island this Sunday, an 8 mile trail run, so hopefully that goes well. I have a lot of trail racing planned for next year, so hopefully this leaves a good taste in my mouth heading into the winter somewhat-off season. Good luck in your race!

    • Matt says:

      Thank you, and good luck to you on Sunday! I haven’t done a trail race yet, but it sounds like fun (and a great challenge). I hope it goes well and gives you a good baseline to build from as you train for next year’s trail races.

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