Still on the Shelf

I hope you’ve had a great week! My week was very good, with the lone exception of it being my second full week without running. My knee has started to feel better over the past few days, and I hope to try running again sometime next week if it continues to feel OK. I want to make sure I’ve gone at least a week or so without pain before I try running again though, so I don’t aggravate the injury and end up missing even more time. Better safe than sorry. In the meantime, I’ve gone to the gym a few times to lift weights, but I’ve backed off of the exercise bike and elliptical machine because my knee was sore after the last time I tried those activities.

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Have you finished your holiday shopping? I haven’t gotten completely in the holiday spirit yet – probably because of the lack of snow – but I’m not complaining at all about that lack of snow, and I’m sure I’ll be in full holiday mode within the next few days. I haven’t finished my shopping yet, but I’ve done most of it and the remainder should be pretty easy (and I hope it won’t be too stressful…). We quit putting up a Christmas tree a few years ago, after we got our cat. He’s a great cat and is usually very well mannered (“usually” being the key word), but we don’t trust him with a Christmas tree and we’re not about to set one up so he has an opportunity to prove us right!

The reason we don't put up a Christmas tree.

Don't let his lazy appearance fool you.

Doesn't that look like a face that could/would destroy a Christmas tree?

Have a great weekend…

Are you running this weekend? If so, are you training or racing?

Are you ready for the holidays? Have you made any modifications over the years to your normal holiday traditions (like not putting up a Christmas tree because you don’t trust your cat)?

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6 Responses to Still on the Shelf

  1. LexRun says:

    keep hanging in there, injuries are tough! love the cat pics

  2. Haha silly kitty. Luckily gizmo doesn’t do anything to the tree. Sorry that the injury is still bugging you. Hang in there, hope it goes away soon

    • Matt says:

      It’s good that Gizmo doesn’t do anything to your tree! My mother-in-law’s dog has broken a couple of ornaments with her battering ram-like tail, but those were just accidents…she doesn’t mess with the tree or ornaments.

      Thanks. My knee is getting better, and now I’m just trying to play it safe for a little longer before trying to run on it again.

  3. Erika says:

    Your cat is absolutely adorable!!
    Hope you are on the mend soon – good call taking some time off though. Will be better in the long run. Ha- get it?! Yes, it is 3am and I am sleep deprived!

    We have not had a normal Christmas in 4 years I think and this year is the worst so far. I had to forgo all of my decorations because we are moving/selling the house. So frustrating. Luckily my toddler loves all things Christmas and doesn’t try to destroy anything! But our rabbit has chewed through many tree skirts :/

    • Matt says:

      Thanks, Erika! He’s really pretty well behaved and acts almost like a dog around us. But we can’t forget that deep down he’s still wildlife and would probably destroy a tree. :) I’m sorry this year has been the worst Christmas season so far. :( I hope it ends up being better than you expect despite the chaos and having to forgo decorations. It’s always a bonus when a toddler doesn’t mess with Christmas stuff, haha. I imagine your rabbit is fun and cute despite liking to chew through tree skirts!

      I finally tried running again yesterday – it had been a week or so since I felt much pain in my knee – and it went well. I limited it to four miles at an easy pace, and the spot in my knee that I injured didn’t bother me at all. I’ll try running another few miles in the next day or two, and if that’s also pain free then I’ll slowly start ramping it up again. Gotta be ready to burn off some of the extra calories I’ll be eating during the holidays!

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