In the Race

It feels like I haven’t raced in forever, though it has only been about three months. That’ll change this weekend when I run the 5K portion of the Genesys 5K/10K. It sounds like a very cool race – it’s indoors on a three-lane track that’s almost full length. I’m really excited to run in this event, but I’m also a bit nervous. I’ve never raced indoors, I feel like I’m nowhere near race shape, and I haven’t done any real speed work since the end of November. But it should be fun, and it’ll be a great test of my shorter distance fitness a little more than three months before the Bayshore Marathon. Of course I’d love to get a PR, but based on my low mileage recently and lack of speed work I’m not counting on it. I just hope to run a strong race with consistent splits and see what I can learn from it (I firmly believe there’s a lot to learn from every race regardless of the result).

In other news, my trusty Brooks Launch and Brooks PureFlow are both at past their respective times for retirement, so it’s new shoe time. I don’t like wearing my Brooks Green Silence in the cold weather…I’m not exactly sure why, but it may have to do with a personal preference for more cushioning when running on frozen surfaces. I’ve had big toe pain for a little over a year, and it’s noticeably worse in cold weather. The extra cushioning in the Launch and PureFlow compared to the Green Silence seems to help my toe, as well as making the bumps and ridges of frozen trails and other uneven surfaces a little more tolerable in the winter. I’m always excited to get new shoes, and I’m very glad I’ve found a rotation of shoes that has worked well for me the last several months. I also got a pair of new gloves last week with a mitten-like cover over the fingers that can fold back (exposing the fingertips) if necessary. The gloves are pretty versatile as they seem to work well on their own or if I wear a thin pair of gloves underneath them for additional warmth. My wife has a pair, and they’ve worked pretty well for her so far this winter.

My training runs have been going well, though they’re still not quite as frequent or as long as I’d like. I’ve gotten in a 12-mile run and a 10-mile run, respectively, on the first two weekends of February, and both of those runs went well. I’d like to bump up my mileage a little bit during the week, and it’ll have to be in the dark either before or after work (my headlamp has been coming in handy a lot lately). I usually run before work during the week, but I don’t mind running after work if necessary.

Here are a few photos from the past week…nothing too exciting in terms of running scenery as my recent runs have all been outside of daylight hours or on cloudy days.

The skies were gray at Stony Creek, but it was still a great day for a run.

Pistons games are still fun, even though the team has been struggling the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, attendance at Pistons games has been way down since the team started to struggle a couple years ago. We still enjoy the games though, even though the atmosphere at the Palace isn't quite as energetic as it was a few years ago.

Have you ever raced indoors? If so, how different is it from road racing? This race won’t be super competitive like a collegiate indoor race or anything, but I have no idea what to expect racing indoors.

Have you been running outside lately, or hitting the treadmill/indoor track? I’m prepared to run indoors when the weather gets really bad, but until then I’m doing my best to run outside as much as I can.

Have you gotten any new running shoes or other gear recently? If so, what did you get?

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