Genesys 5K/10K Race Recap

We made the easy drive up to Grand Blanc this morning for the 5K portion of the Genesys 5K/10K indoor race. We were immediately impressed with the Genesys Athletic Club when we arrived, and that was before we even got to their indoor track where the race was held. I don’t know the exact distance of their track, but it’s almost full length, which is awesome for an indoor track. The 5K was a little more than 13 laps, while the same distance on an outdoor track is 12.5 laps.

The blue mats mark the finish line of the Genesys 5K.

The other end of the indoor track is way down there past the tennis courts. A great facility and very nice track.

I haven’t done speed work lately, and it really showed during this race. I felt sluggish throughout the race, and at times felt like I was struggling more than I should have been struggling. The good news is that my lap splits were fairly consistent, but the not-so-good news is that my splits weren’t quite as fast as I would’ve liked and got slightly slower as the race progressed (until the last couple of laps when I was able to speed up a little). I finished in 19:49, 31 seconds off my PR. Although I was a bit disappointed with the way I ran and how out of “race shape” I felt, I thought the race went well considering my recent lack of speed work and consistent mileage. I would’ve loved to beat my PR in this race, but I haven’t been training like I did when I set my PR, so I can’t complain about not running at that pace today.

A blurry cell phone photo from the race. I swear I was actually running a little faster than the photo suggests.

Despite not setting PRs, my wife and I both had a lot of fun in this race. There were two heats of the 5K, grouped by projected finish time, because the track has three lanes and two heats would minimize congestion and lapping. My wife and I were in different heats, so she was able to watch my race and try to get a few cell phone photos, and vice versa. We usually run in the same races at the same time, so it’s very rare that either of us gets to watch the other race other than when I get to see her at the end of a race. I thought the race was very well organized, and the coordinators, volunteers, and staff were great. We registered online ahead of time, and the onsite number pickup was smooth and the race started on time. Everyone we encountered was very friendly, and the spectators and volunteers along the track were extremely supportive and encouraging. The volunteers were able to keep track of each runner’s number of laps remaining, which was awesome because it was one less thing for us to think about while we were running lap after lap. I thought this race was a great experience, and we’re definitely interested in running it again.

Did you run/race this weekend? If so, how far and how did it go?

Do you expect to PR in every race, or do you adjust your expectations based on your training, the course, etc.?

Did you do any fun things this weekend that weren’t related to running?

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