Happy “spring forward” day! The weekend started off a little chilly here, but today has been warm and sunny. A perfect pre-Spring day in Michigan, and great for spending time outside.

The Paint Creek looked very scenic today. Spring-like weather doesn't hurt!

Running on back roads can be very peaceful and scenic.

I had 16 miles on the schedule today, with the first 14 miles at an easy pace and the last two miles at a faster pace. I finished the 16, but it was awful and I missed my target pace for the last two miles by quite a bit. I managed to finish the run while keeping a fairly consistent pace, but I felt awful and it got bad enough over the last several miles that I almost cut the run short. I finished my mileage about 3/4 mile from home and the walk/light jogging back seemed like it took forever. I didn’t feel quite right for a couple of hours after the run, but after hydrating a lot and having some snacks I started feeling a little better. I suppose it might be what “hitting the wall” feels like, though I didn’t expect to have that feeling on a run 10 miles shorter than the marathon distance. :/ But I guess it’s better to find out what that feels like now than during a race…

I know there will be plenty of ups and downs during marathon training, and today’s run was my first big “down” so far. It was the worst I’ve felt on a run in a long time, and it was the first time I’ve really doubted this marathon stuff. But I’ve been told that there will be plenty of high and low points (as well as everything in between), and I’m glad to get some of the low points out of the way now and hopefully save the high points for the race. I have no doubt that I’ll get through the low points, but it’s a pretty sucky feeling when you’re not expecting it and when you just want to stop and crash on the side of the road.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, and I’m also looking forward to seeing how my training goes the rest of the week. My legs are pretty sore right now, but I hope they’ll be recovered by Tuesday. I hope you had a great weekend, have nice weather where you live, and have a good start to the week!

Have you ever “hit the wall” during a run? How did you get through it?

How do you push past the low points in your training? Is is more of a mental thing, more of a physical thing, or both?

How did your running go this weekend? What kind of running (or racing) did you do?

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2 Responses to Doubts

  1. dboltz1 says:

    Sorry to hear about your rough run. Hopefully you recovered well from it. I’m sure your next one will be much better. My Shamrock half is this Sunday. I’m a bit nervous but it should be fun.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks. Yeah, my runs so far this week have been better, though one of my legs was cramping up a lot on my run today. Good luck tomorrow – I understand about being nervous, but you’ll do fine. Nice avatar, by the way!

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