August Recap

My goals in August were to continue running consistently (and ideally stay pain free), increase the distance of my long runs, and do some speed work. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

I stayed consistent with my number of runs, doing the same number of runs in August that I did in July and slightly increasing my mileage for the month. I took one or two days off each week, except for one week during which I didn’t take any rest days. I didn’t do much cross training…just one bike ride on the Paint Creek Trail with my wife and parents, and some walking on the Paint Creek Trail. I had hoped to do more cycling in August, but that didn’t happen and I don’t mind too much because I increased my running mileage a little bit.

A nice August morning on the Paint Creek Trail.

A nice August morning on the Paint Creek Trail.

I like running by this swampy area along the Clinton River Trail.

I like running by this swampy area along the Clinton River Trail.

I haven’t worked back up to doing really long runs, but I don’t feel a need to right now because I’m training for a half marathon in just under two months, not a full. I did accomplish my goal of increasing my long run distance a little bit in August. I’m keeping them in the 10- to 12-mile range for now, and plan to keep increasing the distance slightly before the half marathon. My longer runs, which are more like medium-distance runs to people like my wife who are training for full marathons, have been going pretty well and haven’t left me with very many aches and pains. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past week, so my last few runs felt a little tougher than they should have, but I got through them.

A deer along the Paint Creek Trail.

A deer along the Paint Creek Trail.

Of the three main running goals I had for August, I totally failed on one – doing more speed work. I did no formal speed work; a few tempo runs were as close as I got. :/ Even though those tempo runs went well, they’re no substitute for real speed work. I ran one race in August, a 10K that went well aside from me being a little more than a minute off of my PR. I hope to get in some speed work in September, or at least more tempo runs of increasing distances. I don’t have any specific mileage goals for September; I just want to keep running consistently, bump my long run distance up a little bit more, and do more tempo runs to get used to half marathon race pace. Speaking of which, I should figure out a goal pace (or fairly narrow pace range) soon for the half marathon so I can target my remaining training accordingly…

August by the numbers:
Number of runs: 29
Mileage: 175.6 miles
Total time: 23:54:39
Average distance: 6.06 miles
Median distance: 5.37 miles

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4 Responses to August Recap

  1. Brittany says:

    It’s so funny to me to think about my thoughts towards running distances and how they are always changing. When I first started running, 3 milers were killer and long to me. These days, 3 miles is a breeze and 13 miles is a long run. Heck, even 8milers are long runs to me. I feel silly calling them long runs to people training for full marathons, but then again, there are many people out there that don’t run AT ALL!!

    • Matt says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way when I started running regularly…back then I was happy to run 3 miles without stopping! Some of the best advice I’ve received is from a pro runner who told me to remember that it’s all relative. We might seem like big-time distance runners to people training for their first 5K, while our long runs might seem like a warm up jog to ultra marathoners. :)

  2. You haven’t updated in a while! :O How is your running going? Luckily I see your amazing pics on instagram!!! Looks like your surrounding my awesome trails to run on. Hope all is well! :)

    • Matt says:

      I have been slacking so much with updates. :/ I’ve been battling a recurring injury this summer (from April 2012…hasn’t totally healed), but it has been better lately and I’ve been running more consistently. Not in PR shape yet, but just glad to be running.

      Yes, there are some great trails around here, and very scenic. But no awesome beaches like the ones I see in your Instagram feed! I’m so sorry for the injuries you’ve been dealing with. :( Just keep focusing on the long run! I hope all is well with you, too! :)

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